king salmon, alaska

"Some National Parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong." - George Carlin


Hotel Rates

Room rates in King Salmon are not uniform, just as no two rooms in King Salmon offer you the same package of amenities. When visiting King Salmon for the first time, we encourage you to call around to other available hotels and ask everyone the same battery of questions. Chances are you will either choose to stay with us on that trip or, once here, you will decide that you will stay with us on your next trip to Bristol Bay. And what questions should you ask when looking for a room?

First, understand that there is a 10% Bristol Bay Bed Tax that applies to every night's lodging while you are staying in Bristol Bay (unless you are staying somewhere for 30 consecutive days or a government worker on government business). In other words, the rate you are quoted will likely need to be increased by 10% to accommodate the local taxing authority. That money does not go to the hotel operator. It is collected by the hotel operator and is paid directly over to the Bristol Bay Borough.

Next, do not take anything for granted when inquiring about rooms. Ask whether you will need to share a bathroom with a stranger or whether you will have a private bathroom. Ask if your room will have a kitchenette or a microwave or a refrigerator or cable TV. Also ask if you will have internet and a shuttle service available on the premises and, if so, what the charges are for those services.

You see, all hotel rooms in Bristol Bay are not made and equipped the same. Nor are they located within the same proximity to the airport, the bank, the grocery store, or the King Ko bar and restaurant. When staying at the King Ko, your hotel rate may depend upon how often you have stayed with us before, how many individuals or nights your reservation entails, which month you are coming and, finally, whether you are booking in advance or at the last minute. While it would be nice to give you a chart of rates for all of these various scenarios, there are just too many considerations that come into play. Anyway, you are coming to Alaska - you would not want to be treated like you are about to stay at the Red Rood Inn somewhere in the midwest.

The best thing to do is call us and talk about your room needs. We'll do the best we can for you, given your particular circumstances.

Our reservations number is toll free from outside Alaska: (866) 234-FISH (234-3474). If calling from within Alaska, call us at (907) 562-0648 (mid-October through mid-April) and at (907) 246-3377 (mid-April through mid-October).

The King Ko Inn is within walking distance of everything one would need in King Salmon. We are located next to the airport and directly across the street from City Market (our local grocery store) and Wells Fargo Bank. The Katmai National Park administrative offices are also located in the street.

Please note that travel agent commissions are paid only upon prior written approval by the King Ko Inn.





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