Each year, we begin our hiring process with announcements published on Craigslists in Alaska and outdoor towns throughout the western US. In a series of announcements, we solicit applications from lodgeworkers, kitchen staff, maintenance personnel and housekeeping specialists. In general, we request that interested applicants submit their comprehensive applications to us online at aklodgejobs@gmail.com. This mailbox allows us sufficient mailbox capacity to handle all of the attachments that an applicant cares to submit. And no, we never supply applicants with a "canned" application format.  We prefer seeing your individuality and creativity!!

    While the majority of our hiring occurs during the first quarter of each calendar year, we do review applications throughout the year as they are received and often make early and mid-year hires to fill unexpected openings or to "lock in" special applicants.

    Over the years, we have observed that virtually all of our successful applicants have submitted detailed resumes that were crafted to our specific needs rather than using a tired old, generic form resume. These successful applications typically include previous employer references, personal references from people who know the applicant (and, preferrably, who we also know), and have included other information that provide insight into the applicant's personality and special skills. For example, mindful of the saying that a picture can be worth a thousand words, several successful cook and chef applicants have also included pictures of their various culinary creations with their applications.

    If you are interested in joining for our 2016 staff, please submit a detailed application to aklodgejobs@gmail.com along with as many attachments as you believe may be helpful to our hiring process.





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