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'Sports Afield recognizes King Salmon "Alaska's Best Outdoor Town" and recommends the Ko for cabins and mo'


The King Ko - And Alaska - Await Your Arrival

Experience the uniqueness of Alaska at the KING KO INN ;in King Salmon, Alaska. The 2013 season is now behind us, but the 2014 season is already looking to be a record year with many exciting developments on the horizon. If you haven't visited King Salmon in a while, be sure to check us out. We are continuing to make renovations to our lodge and our restaurant will be again serving up simply the best food in Bristol Bay - and dare we say Alaska?. Needless to say, we will also be reopening Bristol Bay's favorite watering hole with a brand new schedule of events and activities. But most important, come visit our staff - the friendliest (and most interesting) in all of Alaska. They are the reason the Alaska travel guides are so complimentary towards us in their current and recent editions. Check out what they are saying about us on our News page.  And for the big news?  In keeping up with the times, the King Ko will reopen the 2014 season as a smokefree facility - throughout.  Furthermore, as the 2014 season hits full swing, we plan to announce the availability of year-round rooms for the traveling public through the King Ko Annex.A limited number of these new rooms should be available this summer for construction crews, offering reduced price housing and meal plans to this often-ignored segment of the traveling public.

For those who haven't visited our watering hole lately, we now have huge crab pots in the bar for those who want to safely shake their buoys to the beat of our live entertainment or our awesome new music system.  As always, the foosball, pool and juke box are all free but no - we will not pay to have your favorite flannel shirt laundered should you get in the middle of a whipped cream fight. That is the risk you take when you enter our meditation center.  But rest assured, despite all of this excitement and change, the same old frontier spirit survives at the King Ko. In fact, one of the first participants in our inaugural women's shadow screen dance contest last summer was a strange-looking "woman" wearing a purple dress, xtratufs and a red beard. Some thought that "she" looked a lot like a certain deckhand from the Deadliest Catch. While some questioned this competitor's "womanhood" (and entitlement to win the women's $250 cash prize), we declined to become involved in such details.  Ultimately, the strange-looking contestant won the competition, bought a round of drinks for the bar and the "womanhood" issue has not become an issue since then.

We are located in the heart of King Salmon, Alaska, about 300 air miles southwest of Anchorage. Are you tired of combat fishing shoulder-to-shoulder along a crowded riverbank or playing "bumper cars" with other fishing boats? Then King Salmon is the place for you! King Salmon is the home of the world class sport fishing and hunting. Sports Afield calls King Salmon Alaska's best outdoor sports town. It is also the gateway to Katmai National Park - home of the famous Valley Of 10,000 Smokes - which turns 100 this summer - and the gigantic Alaskan Brown Bear. Our fall bear and moose hunting opportunities are fantastic. In short, King Salmon is a sportsman's and sportswoman's paradise. Not only did Sports Afield proclaim King Salmon as "Alaska's Best Outdoor Sports Town" two years running, it also recommended the King Ko Inn as the place to stay when visiting King Salmon. Try us, you won't regret the choice.





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